Pausauyu Palm Bag with Pom

Palm Bags

The BeeLoved Luxury Pausayu Bag Collection. Each beautiful bag is handwoven by Artisans in a village in the Barranquilla Region of Colombia. Each bag takes approximately 2 days to make. Supreme quality and beauty make this the perfect luxury gift embellished with a beautiful bee to make it stand apart.

**Please NOTE that all Colombian Palm bags are handmade to order. BeeLoved tries to keep all items in stock and on constant reorder. Sometimes these items may take 3-5 weeks to receive if they are not in stock.  BeeLoved will reach out and let you know if your item is not in stock.

How these items are ordered and made: Pausayu takes our custom and standard orders to their meeting place each week, where they provide meals, shelter, training, payment and clothing for the artisans and their families. Some of these artisans walk 3-4 hours to get to the meeting place from their villages. They take the new orders and hand off the products they have made. Sometimes not all items are made that have been previously ordered, as these are all handmade works of art. There are also times that an artisan who makes one type of product does not show up... Each artisan has their own specialty product they make so we are dependent upon what they are able to create on their own timeframe. 

BeeLoved guarantees these gorgeous luxurious works are art are worth the wait!!! 

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